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The power of positivity

Positive reinforcement isn’t a cliché, it’s a valuable childrearing approach that can steer your child toward the kinds of behavior you want with a minimum of raised voices or defiance. It can take a while to get the hang of reframing your words to emphasize the positive, but once you have the habit, you’re apt to see results in the form of a more cooperative and eager-to-please child.

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About me

🌺Karen Carmeli  from Tel Aviv (Israel).

Qualified Practitioner of the Holistic Therapy Grinberg Method (Israel).

Recovery Process from physical injury (Spain).

recovery Process from trauma and emotional wonds (Spain).

In 2007 I moved to Tokyo and studied Shiatsu and other Japanese massage technics (もみほぐし、骨盤調整).

In 2013 I studied Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Oil Treatment (Tokyo)

In Israel I worked in a privet clinic and Hilton Hotel Hotel – Tel Aviv. 

In Tokyo I’ve worked at ShiatsuRoom – Shibuya.

Wakaba Seitai – Hongo 3-chome.

Hiyashi No Kourakuen - Kourakuen.

Since 2014 I’m working at Tokyo Paramedi - Yoyogi 

My philosophy

🌺My philosophy 
Our body is our home. Once we feel comfortable inside our skin, we feel calm, strong and safe. We can move confidently and follow our path in order to reach our aims and goals. 
Each of us has a different body, different history and different personality. We were all born with natural curiosity to learn and discover new things around us all the time and we learn and experience it mainly through the body.

Bad experience impact our body, mind and heart and the body remembers it. I believe that’s we all deserve to create our own lives as we wish and choose the best for ourselves.

Naturally the body has the power to protect and heal itself by itself. I believe that we can grow stronger from our experiences in the past and bring back the trust and the flexibility to our body, mind and heart.

Emotional stress impacts our body and creates different symptoms like Migraines, stiff neck and shoulders, back pain, constipation, Insomnia, bad body image, low self esteem.
The pain is not our enemy.

The pain is a sign, it’s the “Body’s voice” to announce us that the muscles are tired and the body as a whole needs a change.
Once we listen to the “body’s voice” and understand the connection between the specific pain and the habit that leads the pain, we’ll be able to learn how to pay better attention to it and to change it. 

I treat each person individually and teach through the touch technic and simple instruction how to shift the attention to the body, to breath, to release the tension in the muscles and feel the change that it brings. 

The circle of Pain is something that concerns to all of us.

Pain is the body’s way to focus our attention at one point that must be treated. 

If you ignore it, it accumulates and grows.

Therefore, I recommend to not ignore pain. 

Because it won’t disappear. it will grow and grow stronger, until you learn to listen to it. 

What happens during the session?

✨We talk about the reasons for the visit. We talk about the painful areas in the body, medical history, life style, worries, wishes and the change that you are willing to achieve.

✨I’m observing and checking the body’s position while standing and laying on the table. 

✨I’m pointing the painful spots and instruct you to breath and let go from holding the muscles. Usually I’m using oil to increase the flow and muscles flexibility.

✨I’m giving 5min to rest and notice new sensations in your body following the session.

✨I’m waking you up and we talk a bit about how you feel and what you noticed/learned from the session. 

Comments about the treatment

🌺”After I took Karen’s Treatment, my feeling was like flying. I had a back pain maybe because of thoracic spine. I had it for a long time, and I got used to it. But the pain went away and found that I couldn’t put my hands between the bed and my back anymore”.

🌺 “Each time a session ends, I have surprises and I never know how my body will react. I have different reactions and sensations every session, it’s so interesting to go through this process and to feel how you are changing every single time. I’m also happy I learn to treat myself and I can have control of my body and my life with the knowledge I get through these sessions.”

🌺”Something changed around my stomach area, I feel more energized. I’ve never payed attention to that area before. It’s amazing . Thank you so much.”

🌺”Before taking Karen’s sessions, I had given in to the fact that I had and always would suffer from chronic stiff shoulders. With her help, now I notice when I start tensing up and can change that on the spot. I feel so much better physically and more aware now.”

🌺”Karen’s session is exactly what my body needs. It is not just a regular massage. It is an holistic therapeutic treatment and after the session I feel my body even and grounded, stronger and calmer.”


🌺Tokyo Paramedi


Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi

1-6-3, Sakura Yoyogi 1F

🌺東京 パラメディ



1-6-3 さくら代々木1F

🌺The clinic is 5 minutes walk from Yoyogi station by the west exit by Yamanote line, Chuo-Sobu line and Toei Oedo line

 and 3 minutes from Minami-Shinjuku station by Odakyu Line.

🌺From Yoyogi station : Take the west exit. Cross the intersection in front of you and go down the road keeping the “Family Mart” on your right. After about 200 meters, turn left just before the gas station and after 30 meters, turn right. The office will be on your right at 10 meters.

🌺From Minami-Shinjuku Station : Take immediately right out of station. Walk about 150 meters until arriving at a traffic light. Cross the road and turn right. Continue about 50 meters and turn left just before the gas station and then immediately right 30 meters after. The office will be on your right at 10 meters.

Tel: 080-3273-0773